Little yellow dot is next step in life saving

By Alex Davis |

Published 01/21 2014 12:58PM

Updated 01/21 2014 01:11PM

ILLINOIS -- The state is preparing drivers for the worst-case scenario. It's called the "Illinois Yellow Dot Program." It calls for drivers to take a little initiative to make sure they get the proper care if they're ever in an accident. WCIA-3's Alex Davis has more.

All a driver needs to do is put a yellow dot decal on their rear window. It lets first responders know their medical information can be found inside their glove box. It's a pretty simple concept which could yield big results for drivers and passengers.

"It's common sense."

Participants of the Yellow Dot Program can let emergency crews know how to care for them properly. It could mean life or death in critical crashes.

"It's a very, very under-utilized resource. There's so much about information that's important when it comes to patient care."

It's a way to communicate a person's vital medical information which can be especially helpful when a victim can't speak for him- or her- self. The Yellow Dot lets emergency personnel know a photo and complete medical history is inside the car's glove box.

"That includes what medications they are currently taking, what kind of medical history they have, what kind of allergies they have. These are all things that we need to know and information that we need to be able to pass onto the hospital so that they can receive the quickest and most appropriate care."

It's sort of like wearing a medical ID bracelet or putting an emergency medical information card on your fridge. It can help prevent medical errors from taking place.

"Because, they would know what to treat you, how to treat you and not give you something that would cause more problems than help."

Since knowledge is power, the information can also help first responders provide prompt care to victims during that critical first hour.

"Any time that we're able to shave any time off from the time of the accident to the time that we get them to the hospital and get that information, is beneficial."

To participate, check with your local DMV or health department to see if they have any cards on hand.

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