Local couple wins lottery!

Published 08/29 2012 10:17PM

Updated 08/30 2012 11:19AM

Update: 10:16 pm, 8/29/12, Wednesday
KANSAS TOWNSHIP -- Do you know what you would do if you won the lottery? A couple in Brocton is trying to figure that out. They hit the jackpot last week.

WCIA-3's Jessica Shaw talked with them about their windfall. It's all from a $1 scratch-off.

"Nothing special at all. Just one of the stops, coming to use the restroom, get something to drink."

That "not so special" stop, turned out to be something pretty extraordinary for Roy and Tiffany McCammon. Low and behold, they won. It's something Roy McCammon never expected when he stepped inside this store last Saturday; put money in a machine, start scratching and win big!

"I texted her, told her I believe I have the best news. So, we'll wait until you get home."

Instead of $500/week, they opted for a lump sum of $380,000. It's money that will make them debt-free.

"It's really nice being a stay-at-home mom knowing that we're debt-free. Not having to worry about that except for electricity bills."

"I love the fact they'll be debt-free. They say they'll be debt-free because that's always been one of my goals in life."

They'll also have some extra. The couple's not sure yet exactly what they'll do with that. Right now, everything is still sinking in.

"We're one of them that would watch the news and say, 'Wow. Wish that would happen to us.'"

This gas station is pretty lucky too. This year, it's had two other scratch-off winners. A few years ago, it had Powerball and Megamillion winners. All got their tickets here.

Original: 10:20 pm, 8/28/12, Tuesday
BROCTON -- A Central Illinois couple will soon be debt free after winning the lottery. The couple won $500/week for life.

They decided to take the lump sum payment of $380,000. They plan to pay off their debt and start college funds for their kids. The gas station selling the winning ticket also gets a $3,800 bonus.

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