Lottery fever!

Published 08/08 2013 12:38PM

Updated 08/08 2013 12:57PM

JACKSONVILLE -- Someone could be $425 million richer with Wednesday night's Powerball Jackpot up for grabs. It's the fourth largest jackpot ever. WCIA-3's Ashely Michels finds out a lot of people hope to win the big prize.

"Hopefully this will be the winner. $425-million."

Like every other place selling Powerball tickets, this Clark Station is as busy as ever with millionaire hopefuls.

"This is the winning ticket!"

"I'd pay off my house, then I don't know what I'd do."

"All the fun stuff, new cars, new house."

"I would want to buy a new dog."

And they're all hoping this is the lucky store to make their dreams come true.

"Every day somebody's coming in, 'get me a winner, push the winning button.'"

That's because last month this place sold a big winner.

"I just heard they gave away $6-million, so why not give it a shot? Maybe the luck is still here."

"I think that's possible. I think that's very possible, so, of course, I wanted to come in here and grab a couple."

"I think it is making some other folks more aware that it is possible to win."

Like Jason Brown who usually only comes in for lunch, but is now ordering up a chance at the jackpot instead.

"I'm not really a gambler, but this could entice anyone to gamble."

With a number that big, everyone thinks they could be the winner. Lottery officials say, if no one wins and the jackpot rolls over, it could break the world record.

The biggest jackpot so far was a Mega Millions Game worth $656-million. A couple in Red Bud, Illinois, won part of that prize last year.

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