Making a case for more cameras on campus

Published 04/08 2013 11:22PM

Updated 04/09 2013 04:59PM

URBANA -- Some think more security cameras on the UI campus are a good idea, especially after they helped catch a man suspected of attacking a student. Gregory Hayes was arrested Sunday.

Police say the registered sex offender followed a student home and pushed himself through the doors of Allen Hall. He grabbed the victim in a choke-hold and dragged her outside.

After hearing screams, another student came to her aid, and confronted Hayes who then ran off. Police responded just after 3 am.

Around the same time, Sami Kosinski got an Illini Alert. She's lived in Allen Hall for more than a year.

She says it's scary to think someone got into her building, but it's nice to know there are people around to help. Kosinski also feels comfortable knowing cameras are watching in case of these types of events.

Police say, because of them, Hayes was arrested less than an hour after the attack. He was found at home after an officer recognized him in some of the surveillance video.

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