Man accused of forging paychecks

Published 09/03 2013 04:42PM

Updated 09/03 2013 05:48PM

CHAMPAIGN -- An area man is caught trying to cash in on fake paychecks. His target was a downtown business.

Police say it's a relatively common scam. Thieves get blank checks, then use a good printer to forge fake paychecks.

It's what happened to the record and video game store, Exile on Main. Police say Brian Dunbar printed out a couple of $800 checks.

He was caught when a check-cashing operation called Exile to verify he was an employee. The business also took a copy of his driver's license. That's how police were able to find him.

The store owner says he's good about checking his account to make sure there aren't any strange charges. Police say that's the best way to prevent forgery by making sure you're checking your accounts.

Dunbar is charged with forgery. He'll be back in court in October. If convicted, he faces three years in prison.

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