Man attacked by former neighbor

Published 09/04 2013 04:44PM

Updated 09/05 2013 09:26AM

Update: 10:02 pm
DECATUR -- A man was robbed and his family threatened at knife-point, but it wasn't a stranger. It was a friend. Dennis Hepworth was sitting on his porch when his former neighbor attacked him in the 800-block of North Main Street. WCIA-3'S Megan Brilley has the chilling story.

Hepworth has lived on North Main for a few years now. 40-year old Francisco Carter used to live right next-door. Carter has since become homeless and had just been released from jail.

Hepworth said, "If you quit talking to people, solely based on the things wrong they've done in life or the mistakes they've made, the whole world will grow silent."

So when Carter came back by for a visit, Hepworth didn't turn his back and started a conversation.

"I got up, I thought he was leaving. Turned around, he looked at me and said 'sorry about this, Dennis.' I look up and there was a steak knife."

He says Carter stabbed him in his arm several times, then held the knife to his throat and forced him inside.

"He opened the door and said, 'I want all your money.'"

They both walked upstairs to a room where his girlfriend and daughter were hiding. Hepworth gave him $400.

Hepworth said Carter was threatening to kill his daughter. His daughter is autistic and had a hard time understanding what was happening.

"My 8-year old was petrified. I kept telling my daughter, 'it's OK, it's OK.'"

Carter tied their hands and feet together, and told them to lay face down on the ground. Minutes later, he fled. Hepworth was taken to the hospital for stitches. No one else in the family was injured.

"I got a couple cut wounds on my arm. We're OK. We'll make it," Hepworth said.

Carter was arrested Monday and is being held in the Macon County Jail.
Original: 4:44 pm
DECATUR -- An area man faces multiple charges after allegedly stabbing and tying up a family. Police say 40-year old Francisco Carter apologized to the man, then stabbed him in the arm. It happened in the 800-block of North Main Street Sunday night.

Carter then reportedly forced the victim into his home where he demanded money and threatened to kill the family before tying up the victim, the victim's wife and their 8-year old daughter who is autistic.

The victim's wife reportedly gave Carter, who police say is homeless, $400. The wife managed to break free about 15 minutes after the suspect fled.

Carter faces charges including aggravated battery, unlawful restraint and burglary. He's due back in court Tuesday. No bond is available. The victims were not seriously injured.

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