Man charged with murder of 2-year old

By Anna Carrera , Betty Simpson |

Published 01/10 2014 04:47PM

Updated 05/28 2014 10:48AM

Latest: 4:10 pm, 5/27/14, Tuesday
MACON COUNTY -- A trial date has been set for a Decatur man accused of killing his girlfriend's toddler. Manuel Gonzales will be tried starting in August. Investigators say Gonzales pushed the 2-year old off a bed hard enough to dent the wall.

The child's mother, Alexis Bradley, is also set to appear in court this week. She's accused of putting her son in danger which led to his death.
Latest: 3:49 pm, 3/11/14, Tuesday
MACON COUNTY -- Defense attorneys successfully motioned the court to continue the pretrial hearing for Manuel Gonzales until May 27. Gonzales is accused of killing the 2-year old son of his girlfriend in December when he was the child's primary caregiver. Authorities say Gonzales pushed the toddler off a bed hard enough to put a dent in the wall.

The toddler's mother, Alexis Bradley, also faces charges in connection to his death. She's accused of felony child endangerment for leaving her son in Gonzales' care. He is a registered sex offender.
Update: 3:58 pm, 1/22/14, Wednesday
DECATUR -- An area man pleaded not guilty to killing his girlfriend's son. Manuel Gonzales was primary caregiver to 2-year old Dominic Bradley.

Court records show he told police he pushed the boy off a bed hard enough to put a dent in the wall. Dominic was taken to a hospital where he later died.

The boy's mother, Alexis Bradley, may also face charges in connection with the crime.
Original: 4:47 pm, 1/10/14, Friday
DECATUR -- An area man has officially been charged with killing his girlfriend's son. The boy's mother may also face charges.

Manuel Gonzales has been charged with murder. Police say he originally told them 2-year old Dominic Bradley got hurt when he hit his head on a TV stand last month. 

But, court records show he later told police he pushed the boy off the bed hard enough to put a dent in the wall. Police say Dominic's mom, Alexis Bradley, wasn't there at the time because she was working. 

Investigators originally planned to charge Bradley with misdemeanor charges including endangering the life of a child and leaving children in the custody of a sex offender. But, those charges could be upgraded to felonies since her son died.

They say Gonzales was the primary caregiver for Dominic and three other kids; one of whom was his own. Those three have been taken in by DCFS.

Investigators say Dominic had bruises on his face, head, back and legs. They say some of those happened before this most recent incident. Authorities say those injuries could also be linked to Gonzales and none of the other children had serious injuries like that.

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