Man drowns in lake

Published 07/01 2012 06:34PM

Updated 07/02 2012 02:54PM

Update: 10:30 pm
MATTOON -- A 25-year old man drown Sunday afternoon. Investigators say it happened at an area known as Mattoon Beach.

Divers found his body about 8:00 pm after searching for four hours. Investigators aren't releasing his name, but family members say the victim was Jesse Storm, of Windsor.

Firefighters were called about 2:30 pm for a possible drowning. The Neoga fire chief says that's when several firefighters and bystanders held hands forming a human chain to go as far as possible into the water. They didn't find anything.

Dive teams from Shelby and Coles counties were called. Conservation Police were there as well using sonar equipment. Crews then found the body not too far from where he went missing. They are still trying to figure out why he drowned.

"I don't know what the cause of drowning was, just the individual seemed to go under the water. We'd only be able to speculate as to what happened," said Mike Miller of the Shelby County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators say the victim's family was with him at the time. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

Original: 6:30 pm
Rescue crews are looking for someone who drowned at Lake Mattoon. Neoga firefighters got the call around 2:30 Sunday afternoon.
The chief says they're looking for a 25-year old man was swimming at a part of the lake known as Mattoon Beach. Witnesses told him they lost track of the man when he was in the water.

The chief says that's when several firefighters and bystanders formed a human chain by holding hands. They then walked as far into the water before it got too deep but found nothing.

Shelby and Coles county's dive teams then went in the water. Conservation Police are also on the lake using sonar equipment. No word yet on how long the search will continue.

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