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Man lives to tell how he survived accident

VERMILION COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) -- Three men survived a brutal accident. Now one is sharing how he's still alive. 

A tanker truck carrying water to a massive fire in Westville, collided with a van while on the way to the scene.

Jim Ford was the driver of the van. He looked back at pictures from the accident and said his survival is nothing short of a miracle. 

That afternoon, Ford was on his way to deliver medicine, eggs and ice cream to a friend. He was driving his van on Ross Lane, in Tilton, when the light turned green. He drove forward and collided with the tanker truck. Both vehicles were crushed.

Ford is still in the hospital with a fever, a few cracked ribs, a cracked collarbone and some missing teeth, but he's counting his blessings. 

He says, "People get in a wreck like that and they're not here. And when I looked at it, that was my thought. I'm thankful that I dropped my wife off at home because that was the side of the car she would've been sitting on and she wouldn't have made it out of that." 

Ford has been the pastor at Abundant Life Church, in Danville, for 35 years. He says God was looking out for all of them that day. 

Once Ford's fever goes down, the hospital says he'll be clear to go home. 

State police ticketed the firetruck driver for running a red light. Despite having its lights and sirens on, the driver of the truck is still expected to obey traffic laws. Emergency vehicles are expected to stop and then proceed with caution if other vehicles aren't stopping.

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