Mayoral candidate says he wants to revitalize town

Published 03/28 2013 06:02PM

Updated 03/29 2013 09:29AM

HOOPESTON -- April's election is just a few weeks away. Locally, one candidate hopes to become the town's youngest mayor. WCIA-3's Jessica Shaw has more from your Local Election Headquarters.

Jeramy Dobkins is 26-years old. He's one of the youngest to run for mayor, but he says, it's not about breaking records. He says he hopes to bring change.

"This town is something to be proud of."

Hoopeston is where Dobkins calls home. It's why he wants to be mayor.

"It's a childhood dream of mine since I was young. I've seen this town slowly fade away."

He'd left for school, but came back and worked as a police officer for five years.

"Leaving and doing my college allowed me the opportunity for what it means for that prosperity and what we need to get to that next level."

That level is making sure Hoopeston thrives. This campaign is Dobkin's first step toward that goal. He's been from business to business talking to store owners and customers trying to get a better idea of what they think the town needs.

"I want to know what I can do if elected to make your lives better as a business. If we champion our business, we're going to make sure our families have jobs."

Dobkins believes, bring in jobs and you'll bring in people. After growing up here, he says he's seen too many move away in search of better job opportunities.

"We are losing valuable assets. Every citizen in this town is a valuable asset."

In the coming days, he hopes to reach out to each and every one. Dobkins says  he knows he's young, but is really looking forward to bringing a new perspective.

Friday, we'll introduce you to the incumbent from the other side of the ticket.

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