Mayor's impact changes Our Town, right from the election

By Erica Quednau |

Published 06/10 2014 01:26PM

Updated 06/10 2014 06:18PM

FORSYTH -- A woman in Macon County has made it her job to change things. First, she changed people's looks as a hairstylist. Then, she transformed people's yards with plants. Now, she changing Our Town. WCIA-3's Erica Quednau finds out how.

Marilyn Johnson has lived in Forsyth for almost as long as it's been around. She loves to see how it changes.

"The change in Forsyth has been just phenomenal."

Now, she gets to be a part of that change.

"I became mayor a year ago, last April."

As soon as she took office, she made history.

"It has just been great. I've had a lot of people behind me and everybody's pretty pleased that we now have a woman mayor."

The first woman ever to have her picture on this wall.

"The love I have for Forsyth, I felt I could make a difference. I think that women bring a different perspective than men."

It's a perspective Marilyn learned here, in her yard. I'm told it's where you'll usually find her if she's not changing Our Town.

"You've got to love it. You've got to love yard work and being out in nature, and we do."

So much so, she and her husband transformed their entire yard; every plant and tree, their doing.

"We planted that tree, so it's been quite awhile we've been here. It's putting a plant in the proper place for the right amount of light it wants and, of course, has to be watered well."

It may be something in the water which made Marilyn realize she was born to change Our Town.

"I really didn't think about it until I was running for mayor."

That she was destined for history as soon as she moved into this home.

"Then I realized that everybody has said, 'Oh, you live in the Flint home,' and I realized he was the first mayor."

Some of the changes Marilyn hopes to see is more housing development and a grocery store.

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