Medical marijuana patients may have to forfeit FOID

Published 02/07 2014 10:23AM

Updated 02/07 2014 10:30AM

SPRINGFIELD -- Some future medical marijuana patients are upset over a state rule which proposes anyone getting a medical marijuana license must forfeit their FOID card. The state says it's bound by federal law. Other states have chosen to ignore that law. Illinois leaders want to include it though.

Jim Champion, has multiple sclerosis. He's also an Army veteran. While he was in the Army, he was a member of the infantry. It means he worked with weapons on a daily basis.

He says this rule will force him to give up a gun his father passed down as a family heirloom. He says that's not fair. Champion's wife is his caregiver, which means she would have to give up her FOID card as well, even though Jim say she's never in the room when he uses the drug.

This is a proposed rule. A committee of lawmakers will have the final say on the rules and there could be a vote on it later this month.

Meanwhile, the city of Charleston approved a one-year delay to the new medical marijuana law. The main reason was there aren't any official regulations on how to implement the law.

The state released a draft of rules last week. City leaders say the delay will give them more time to go over potential harmful effects of the drug and amendments to the law.

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