Meth Investigation Yields 8 Arrests

Published 03/16 2012 12:09PM

Updated 03/16 2012 12:13PM

    Eight people face charges after a warrant sweep concerning meth making in DeWitt County. Detectives conducted a four-month long investigation which led to the arrests.
    Susan Wrobel, 48, Paul Nixon, 37, and John Plotke, 53, all of Clinton, each face two class x felonies. Christina Poole, 26, and Kristopher Coy, 26, both of Lincoln, also face two class x felonies each. Bryan Burton, 34, of Clinton, faces one class x felony. Each is being held on $80,000 bond. Each class x charge is punishable with 6 - 30 years in prison.
    Joshua Smith, 28, of Kenney, faces a class 4 felony for possession of marijuana. Steven Willis, 29, of Clinton, faces a class 3 felony for possession of a controlled substance. Each is being held on a $15,000 bond. Sentences for class 3 and 4 felonies are punishable from probation to 4 and 3 years respectively.
    Multiple law enforcement agencies were involved including a Wisconsin police department. Police say more arrests are pending.

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