More Couples Having Children Out of Wedlock

Published 04/12 2012 05:57PM

Updated 04/12 2012 06:06PM

    The CDC says 22% of unmarried couples between the ages of 15 and 44 are having kids.  That's up ten percent since 2002.
    Alison Corriveau and William Hardwick met about nine years ago in Milford.  Today they have two daughters, a home, a dog but no marriage license.  And they say that's okay.
    They met when they were 14 years old.  Corriveau had her first child when she was 15.  Hardwick was the father.
    "We met at a football game, we made some mistakes as kids but we've recovered," said Hardwick.
    Hardwick dropped out of high school to support his new family while Corriveau continued her education and raised their first child.
    "I'm lucky, really lucky," said Corriveau.
    At 18 years old, the two of them bought their first house and five months they had their second child.
    And the couple says their like wouldn't be any different if they were married.
    "It's just legalizing what we already have. I mean I think we're a lot happier than a lot of married people," said Corriveau.
    "It's just a piece of paper, really, I mean either you love someone or don't.  It's that simple," said Hardwick.
    And as for marriage in the future..?
    "Maybe eventually but no, not right now.  It's not even a thought," said Corriveau.

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