More money being spent on Halloween costumes for pets

Published 10/23 2012 08:48PM

Updated 10/24 2012 09:36AM

CHAMPAIGN -- More people are buying Halloween costumes for their pets. This year, Americans will spend $370 million on pet costumes. That's up 19% from last year. 
"The bride is Abigail, she's going to be four years old. The groom's name is Sadie and the lion is Zoe," said Dorsey Ostendorf. To her, these little girls are her babies.

"We've always done it with Abby and Abby's got some spring dresses and some coats, sweaters, Christmas outfits that she always wears," said Ostendorf.

It's a trend catching on across America. 

"In my industry, I have seen that happen. I have seen it growing at a pace," said Andy Dallas. 

He owns Dallas and Company. He says he hasn't noticed pet costume sales going up in his store, but has noticed more pets getting involved in the holiday.

"It's been really fun to watch. Some of these people come in with them and they bring the pets all dressed. It's really cute," said Dallas. 

"They were in costume all day Saturday. We were at Silvercreek Vineyard in Oakwood at a Halloween show," said Ostendorf. 

If you are wondering how Abby, Sadie and Zoe feel about their costumes, "They like them. They don't tend to bother them too bad," said Ostendorf. 

"It's just amazing what goes on on Halloween," said Dallas.

The most popular costumes this year for dogs are pumpkins and the devil. 

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