More security cameras coming to campus

Published 03/18 2013 06:18PM

Updated 03/19 2013 09:42AM

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS -- Police are upping security on campus. Right now there are about 900 cameras spread around the UI campus. There could be almost 1,100 by the end of the year.

Many of them would be put on Green Street. It's an area known as the site for Unofficial St. Patrick's Day. Police say they put up temporary cameras for that event but now hope to keep an eye out 24/7.

That's because aside from "Unofficial," it's a place where students spend a lot of time. It can also see a lot of robberies. Police say cameras in the area could help pinpoint where crimes like that occur or where suspects go afterwards.

Not all 200 cameras would go there. Detective Tim Hetrick says others would go on different buildings around campus. He says the more there are, the less crime police see.

University police have spent about $2 million on cameras since 2008. Each one costs between $300 to $3,000. 

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