Mother distraught son could have been victim

By Amanda Porterfield |

Published 04/09 2014 02:02PM

Updated 04/09 2014 02:08PM

ST. JOSEPH -- Her son was at Ft. Hood when a shooter opened fire. Now, she's dealing with the tragedy which hit so close to home. Three soldiers were shot and many others were wounded. A local woman says her son was there and shares her story with WCIA-3's Amanda Porterfield.

Carlos Lazaney, Sgt. Timothy Owens and Sgt. Danny Ferguson. They're three soldiers killed at Fort Hood Military Base. They were Army brothers to Candace Hampton's son.

"I am so happy that mine are okay, but I am so sad that other people lost loved ones."

Hampton didn't have the TV on Wednesday but got a text message about it which immediately put her on edge.

"Those first few minutes, it's like, when you lose a child at the store. You turn around for a second and they are gone. Your heart just freezes for a second. That's how I felt. I just needed to hear his voice."

Her son, Sergeant Jordan Ray was fine, but didn't know too many details about what happened. She says the Army has been tight-lipped even on the base. Even now, we can't show you his picture because security has tightened.

"I just miss him. I just want to hug him. Obviously, when I first heard about it, I wish I could have just flown there and just hugged him to make sure he was really okay. Even if he isn't physically okay, I worry that he's emotionally okay. That's hard to deal with and, right now, I have talked to him a couple of times and he's just on autopilot, really trying not to think about it."

Investigators say depression caused Specialist Ivan Lopez to kill three soldiers, injure 16 others, then commit suicide, not to mention traumatize the Texas base for the second time.

"It is very secure. I was there at Christmas and security is very tight. It's very hard to get in the base. Even if you are family, just baffles me that he was able to get into the building and harm so many people before they could stop him."

Sergeant Ray, his wife and kids are stationed there for awhile, but if it were up to mom, he would just come home.

"I wish that he would just come home. I wish he was just back here with all of us. I miss him."

Hampton says her son already lost a friend while fighting overseas, so this has been especially hard on him.

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