Mowhawk Man delivers Christmas cheer

Published 12/21 2012 09:52PM

Updated 12/21 2012 10:30PM

GEORGETOWN -- 2012 has been tough for one mother. She and her son found themselves suddenly in the hospital. And the bills put "holiday spirit" out of reach.

Ashley Ball was ready to let this Christmas pass by. But a friend convinced her to reach out to a local Santa Claus known for helping out.

"It was exciting," said Ball as her kids placed their donated gifts under the tree. "To see their faces light up and to see them put all their stuff under the tree and to know that on Christmas morning they all are going to have things to open up."      

Which is something Ball thought wouldn't happen.

"I haven't been able to work for some time because of his accident, his recovery," she said describing her son Alex.

He broke his collar bone and fractured his skull when he was hit by a truck. It happened while he was riding his bike to school.

"Then shortly after that I got sick and my surgery," said ball.

Ball was rushed to the hospital to have tumors removed from her skull and brain last month. Thankfully, she and her son are healthy now, something the mother of three felt was good enough to ask for this holiday season.

That is until a camouflaged Kris Kringle delivered some Christmas cheer.

"The families that we help are the families that have played by the rules, done things right, and they truly deserve to be on the nice list," said Mowhawk Man. "We're just very blessed. And we wanted to share that blessing with a family who is so deserving."

"I think that there should definitely be a lot more people like that out there that are willing to step up and help their community out and help those in need," said Ball. "So I really appreciate Mowhawk for doing that for me and my family."

Mowhawk "Claus" didn't work alone. He wanted to thank all the volunteers that help him bring Christmas to those in need. In fact after helping ball, he hopped back in his motorized sleigh to make another delivery in Rantoul.

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