Mystery heroes save lives

Update: 4:15 pm, 9/12/17, Tuesday 

COLES COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) -- The names of two men rescued from a burning car have been released.

20-year old Brad Cole, of Greenup was driving. 19-year old Jordan Howard, of Toledo was his passenger.

Several Good Samaritans stopped to help the men when their car went off the road, struck a tree and burst into flames. It happened Sunday, on Lerna Road, near County Road 550 North.

The men were taken to the hospital. We're told Cole is still in serious condition. Howard suffered fractures and injuries to his back. Both are still in the hospital at this time. 

Original: 5:00 pm, 9/11/17, Monday

COLES COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) -- First responders were called to a vehicle fire with people trapped inside, but before they could arrive, a good Samaritan came to the rescue.

A car with two people inside was driving on the road when it went into a ditch. It happened on Lerna Road and County Road 550 North, Sunday morning.

Someone saw the car and was able to pull out one person. Then, someone else stepped in to get them to safety. It's still a mystery who the guardian angels are.

There hasn't been a condition report on those involve din the accident, but the fire chief says, one thing is certain: The good Samaritan saved a life.

"The vehicle veered off the road, went down an embankment and struck a tree."

It was a scary morning on Lerna Road. Two people were trapped inside a car on fire, deep down in a ditch.

"Someone witnessed the accident. A good Samaritan was able to stop by and pull either the driver or passenger out of the vehicle."

Pat Goodwin is the Lincoln Fire Protection chief. He's spent most of his career in a firehouse and says, sometimes, it's those without a uniform who can change the outcome of a bad situation.

"We don't promote jumping into burning houses and burning cars to save people. People do it all the time. There's good Samaritans, there's good people out there."

Whoever stopped to help was able to pull the driver and passenger to safety, but not without the help of another guardian angel.

"They couldn't get them up the hill from the fire and it got too hot and they couldn't get him out. Another person stopped by and, between the two of them, they were able to pull them up the roadway."

Goodwin says things could have taken a different turn, but it gives him comfort to know heroes come in all forms.

"If somebody had not seen them, another 30-seconds to a minute went by, this could have been a fatality. Someone was watching over them."

The accident is under investigation. A report was not currently available. 

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