Neighbors say more roads need repairs

By Anthony Antoine |

Published 08/07 2014 05:19PM

Updated 08/07 2014 05:23PM

CHAMPAIGN -- The streets in one neighborhood need work, but homeowners say no one is coming to fix them. Residents in the area have Champaign addresses, but they're in Hensley Township. The road commissioner says there's no money to fix the roads.

They're located at Commanche and Roland. Homeowners say it's been at least seven years and they haven't seen any improvements. There are no sidewalks and neighbors say kids play in the street. When drivers try to avoid potholes, the kids are put at risk.

But, the road commissioner say sit will cost roughly $425,000 to redo the roads. It's money that's just not there. But, that's not a good enough reason for families. The township says it takes in $15,000 a year from those taxpayers, but it costs $20,000 a year to maintain the area.

The commissioner says MTD buses are adding to the condition of the roads. A bus passes through the area every thirty minutes. MTD is thinking about adding a Sunday bus to that route. Township officials say they're talking to MTD to try to get money for the roads. They're also applying for grants.

People in Hensley Township could pick up the tab for the project, but it would be costly. According to the last census, about 1,200 people live there. If they paid for the $425,000 project, each person would have to pitch in about $350.

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