New allegations against humane society

By Anthony Antoine |

Published 02/01 2014 06:11PM

Updated 02/03 2014 03:47PM

Update: 10:01 pm, 2/2/14, Sunday
DANVILLE -- The director of the Danville Humane Society, Glen Laird, was suspended indefinitely Sunday. Saturday, the UI and ASPCA alleged neither the facility nor Laird was licensed to euthanize animals. Another meeting is scheduled for Wednesday.
Original: 6:11 pm, 2/1/14, Saturday
DANVILLE -- Members of the UI and ASPCA say the humane society isn't licensed to euthanize animals. The Danville Humane society called an emergency meeting with two things on the agenda.

Jennifer Dixon plans on running for a position on the board. She says, "It was meant to be a special meeting to establish the election as well as addressing the issue of the humane society needing an auditor."

A new auditor would keep better track of the books and replace the one who recently resigned. Elections are next month and until a new board is in place, members can't make any changes. They voted to freeze the bylaws.

"People have gotten to the point where they know it could be better and they know that in today's day and age, they're so many shelters that function very well that are serving their community well," says Dixon.

The former president resigned, leaving Gary Waterstadt as the interim. This was his first meeting as president, and already he resigned. People from the ASPCA and the UI made some serious allegations. They claim the humane society doesn't have a license to euthanize animals.

They showed documents stating the director's license expired two years ago and hasn't been renewed. Veterinarians came in and took the humane society's tools to euthanize, making the idea of moving forward even harder for some volunteers.

"Without moving forward, we can’t do anything to help our animals in this area. This is our community and I want to see our best for our animals in the community," says Bridgette Frazier.

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