New ordinance designed to restore peace and quiet

By Erica Quednau |

Published 03/28 2014 11:58AM

Updated 03/28 2014 12:05PM

GIBSON CITY -- People say common courtesy in one neighborhood is missing. They blame go-karts and dirt bikes. But, a new rule regulates how the vehicles can be used within city limits and it gives police more authority to respond. WCIA-3's Erica Quednau has more.

Previously, police were not allowed to intervene. Before the change, police could issue a ticket for disturbing the peace, but only if someone filed an actual complaint. It's something no one has done so far. Everything has been anonymous. But now, police will be the ones in charge of cracking down.

"It's a neighborhood, so we want everyone to stay peaceful, get along, live happily ever after with each other."

But Chief of Police Steve Cushman says tracks like this have gotten in the middle of that "happily ever after."

"They get them for their kids and all, and then they tend to ride them where they can, which is on their private property, and really, there's no problem with that, until it starts bothering or annoying or becoming a nuisance to the neighbors in the area."

Cushman says he's gotten a lot of complaints about the noise and the dirt.

"When it gets to the point that the people in residential areas can't sit out on their patios because they can't hear or they're breathing dust and dirt, that's kind of stepping over the line."

So, city leaders stepped in to help. They approved an ordinance which states people can't ride dirt bikes or go-karts within city limits.

"We are taking care of a problem that, to us, is valid."

If you're caught breaking the rules, you'll have to pay a fine of $150.

"I will say, personally, I would not want a go-kart track right next to my house. I would like to go out and enjoy my yard. I would like to have my windows open, and right now, in that neighborhood, they can't."

You are allowed to have those types of vehicles on your property and you can turn them on while fixing them or working on them, but riding them is prohibited.

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