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Published 11/12 2013 10:46PM

Updated 11/13 2013 10:37AM

URBANA -- Students at Martin Luther King Elementary in Urbana are learning a life lesson through knitting. It isn't the usual after-school activity, but students like it more than you might think. WCIA-3's Anthony Antoine has the story.

If you study hard for a test you can earn an "A." If you don’t, you can get a failing grade. But in Ms. Carr's after-school program she's teaching her students that a kind heart and giving spirit are just as good as any "A" in the classroom. School's out, but if you walk down the halls of Martin Luther King Elementary, class is still in session.

“This is a very sweet group of girls.”

A few months ago Ms. Carr taught a fitness class at the school. With a baby on the way, she needed to do something different. She found the answer volunteering with the Girl Scouts.

“We were bonding over knitting and I found that something I can teach another person to do.”

She took her own money, bought some yarn, and started her knitting class.

“I will personally be able to do what I have to for my child, and I know that’s not the case for everyone.”

All of the hats and scarves will go to kids in need, including children at Crisis Nursery. Katie Adams is an administrator.

She says, “When were able to have warm weather gear to donate to these families, it means a lot because it can help those kids stay warm this winter season.”

One student in the class, eager to make a difference is Akiya McDonald. She gave up her own time to make a difference.

“I was like, 'Dad, I want to give something to kids, when they don’t have it and I want to help.' He said, 'Try asking your teacher,' and I signed up for knitting in the after-school program. It makes me feel happy because the people that don’t have hats, and it's really cold and stuff, they will feel special.”

Adams and the staff at Crisis Nursery are happy to have the support.

“We're so appreciative that they thought of us and we think it’s a great lesson for young kids to learn that giving is just as great as receiving.”

It’s a life-lesson these girls passed with flying colors.

McDonald says, “I would like to say 'thank you' to Miss Carr for having this class."

This is where you can get involved. It’s getting cold outside and Ms. Carr will soon run out of yarn. If you would like to help, contact Martin Luther King Elementary, in Urbana, to donate.

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