No Text Pledge Day

Published 09/19 2012 05:22PM

Updated 09/20 2012 09:34AM

CHAMPAIGN -- Today is "No Text on Board Pledge Day" across Illinois. Hundreds of students joined the governor.
They're also promising to put down the phone while driving. For some though this is a hard habit to break.

"When you're by yourself you wanna be attached to the outside world."

It's why a lot of students say they can't put the phone down. Whether they're in class, watching a movie or driving. Their phone is always on.

"It's comfortable to keep it and to know that your friends are easily accessed."

We stood in a hallway at Parkland for five minutes. During that time, I counted more than 50 students walking and texting, not once breaking to look up at what's in front of them. Something students say they do behind the wheel too.

"You never think it's going to happen to you."

"Honestly, sadly to say I'm going to need a wake up call for me to actually stop."

But most of the time distracted drivers aren't lucky enough to have a wake up call.

"That's just a risk that I'm not willing to take."

Hundreds teamed up with Lt. Governor Sheila Simon and AT&T for no text on board day, hoping to change their friends' minds.

"Texting is an epidemic that can easily be solved. people don't want to admit that it's something that we can change right now."

It's a conversation going on in 11 states nationwide today. Students listened to a heartfelt warning and promised to put the phone down. To sign the pledge, click here.

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