Not all care for vets is up to par

By Gary Brode |

Published 05/20 2014 10:10AM

Updated 05/20 2014 10:14AM

DANVILLE -- An area veteran is surprised by the lack of care other veterans around the country are getting. 23 people have died because they didn't get the treatment they needed at VA hospitals. WCIA-3's Gary Brode finds out why that number could be much higher.

The deaths are from this year, but the neglect has been going on for quite some time. There have been at least 167 deaths since 2001 because veterans didn't get to see a doctor in time.

As you can expect, veterans in the area are outraged. One thing they're not mad about is the treatment they get at the VA in Danville.

"We should be taken care of and not put on the sidelines."

Care for thousands of veterans is being put on the shelf. Some have even died because of it.

"I was a little disgusted. The government wants you to serve for the country, and it seems like, once you come back and have problems medically, they don't want to help you out."

VA hospitals in Albuquerque, Phoenix and many others are being accused of negligence and falsifying documents.

"A veteran served his or her country. They've earned the right for care."

Last week, the Secretary of the VA had all 152 hospitals in the country investigated, including Danville's.

"We came away from that site team visit very well. We were meeting the appropriate time frames."

All of the veterans we spoke with gave the hospital "thumbs up."

"They treat them good. They care for them. They try to give them the best they can."

Danville VA spokesperson Doug Shouse says the hospital has as system which helps with the 34,000 patients seen last year.

"We have what's called an electronic wait list. It's a way that we can manage the veterans we have that may be on the wait list."

The VA hospital for Central Illinois may be fine, but these guys still want their fellow veterans to get the treatment they deserve.

"If it's not being taken care of, I'm hoping it's being looked into."

The President is upset about the recent news, but he and his advisors were warned about the issue in 2008. The White House press secretary said the allegations are being investigated.

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