Not all potholes are cities' problem

By Gary Brode |, Erica Quednau |

Published 02/04 2014 03:41PM

Updated 02/13 2014 10:41AM

Update: 10:02 pm, 2/12/14, Wednesday
CHAMPAIGN -- Cars are being banged up around town because potholes cover the roads. Things seem to be getting worse. WCIA-3's Gary Brode finds out why things are so bad.

It's not unusual to have potholes this time of year, but it is unusual to have this many. Blame it on the extreme weather.

It's costing some people a lot of money. The roads are seeing more of this and it's making something as simple as a drive to work, very costly.

"I'm having to replace two rims, two tires."

It wasn't just her.

"The car in front of us actually swerved off because they popped their tire in the same spot we popped ours."

But now, with weather getting slightly warmer, city crews can begin filling the street indentations.

"We're jumping on this as fast as we can and do as many as we possibly can in a day."

Normally, two crews would be on pothole patrol, but this week, four road crews are working to fill in the holes. And, not every crew is using shovels.

"We're able to cover the whole thing, seal it. Moisture can't get in. Maybe drive over it once to compress it, just a little extra, and I may not have to come back for a couple seasons right here."

That's because this spray injector dries out the cracks which means the patch job lasts longer. City works bought the machine less than a year ago. It's a more efficient and more permanent solution to an annual problem.

"I've been here 34 years. This is the best machine we've ever had."

Many of the roads public works gets calls about are state roads, so there is nothing they can do because IDOT has to fix those. It's for that reason, Champaign city leaders are trying to take control of a few state roads in the city; specifically north Mattis and parts of Springfield Avenue.

IDOT covers those roads so the city can't repair or maintain them. Champaign is working on a deal with the state to take those roads and fix others as well. Mayor Don Gerard says taking over those state roads is just not in the budget right now, but he hopes it will be before a deal is reached.
Original: 3:41 pm, 2/4/14, Tuesday
CHAMPAIGN -- The winter weather is wreaking havoc on the roads, but not because of snow and ice, but potholes. We've gotten tons of calls from viewers about bad spots in Central Illinois.

The most recent is along Mattis Avenue. People say some are so bad, they try to swerve around them and it can almost cause an accident. It's also beating up cars.

The City of Champaign spent the weekend and Monday trying to fix potholes in the city. The problem along Mattis Avenue is it's actually an unmarked state road, which means IDOT is in charge of fixing them.

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