Not everyone supports latest pension plan

Published 05/01 2013 04:57PM

Updated 05/01 2013 06:23PM

SPRINGFIELD -- A plan to fix the state's pension crisis is gaining steam at the capitol, but not everyone's behind the idea. The plan aims to cut back on how much the state has to pay toward pensions each year so there's money for other things. But that means cutting back on benefits.

Some lawmakers want to cap benefits, make workers pay in more and work longer in life. Critics argue, you can't do that since benefits are guaranteed by the state constitution.

They warn the whole thing will end up stuck in court instead of fixing the problem. Then, the state will be in an even bigger mess than it is now.

Critics also say the plan doesn't address everything, so they're not happy about having to come back again and do it all over again in the future. Speaker Michael Madigan (D) says he plans to call the bill for a full vote Thursday.

It then heads back to the Senate to be finalized. Governor Quinn has already given the "thumbs up" to any pension reform.

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