Numbers show new moms not staying safe behind the wheel

Published 01/23 2013 06:14PM

Updated 01/23 2013 06:16PM

CHAMPAIGN -- We all know texting and driving is dangerous, but some new numbers on distracted driving are especially shocking. WCIA-3's Jessica Shaw finds out those numbers involve moms with babies in the backseat.

Moms behind the wheel already have a ton of distractions. There are probably kids crying, new moms are probably sleep-deprived. Now, add cellphones.

More than 3/4 of moms are guilty of using them on the road. New mom, Kayla Stephens, knows she carries precious cargo.

"It's not just being aware of how I'm driving, but how everyone else around me is driving."

So she finds the latest poll from the American Baby and Safe Kids Group hard to believe.

"No, because stuff just happens so fast."

"The study polled 2,400 moms about their habits behind the wheel. 55% admit to speeding, 78% say they talk on the phone while driving kids and 26% say they text or check email."

"Texting and driving, we're seeing the same effects with drunk driving, so people are weaving between the lanes, crossing the center line."

It's a problem some drivers have come to expect.

"People are just busy these days. They're trying to accomplish more and, in the process, they're disregarding their health and the health of their baby."

But, moms like Stephens say whenever she's on the road, distractions are kept to a minimum.

"I don't even like using my navigation when I'm driving with her."

Keeping her bundle of joy safe is the only thing on her mind. A reminder for drivers, you can't be on your phone in construction or school zones. Texting and driving is never allowed. State police say the best thing to do is to pull over.

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