One arrested in connection with shooting

By Betty Simpson |, Gary Brode |

Published 06/25 2014 12:04PM

Updated 07/01 2014 12:20PM

Latest: 10:02 pm, 6/30/14, Monday
CHAMPAIGN -- Police make their first arrest in connection with last week's murder on Hedge Road. Devon Demetrius Craig is charged with being an armed habitual criminal.

Police say he fired a gun at the scene of the murder of Allen Redding, but they haven't said he shot Redding. That shooting happened last Wednesday.
Update: 1:48 pm, 6/25/14, Wednesday
CHAMPAIGN -- The name of the victim shot to death Tuesday has been released. 26-year old Allen Redding was killed when several men with guns chased him through a neighborhood and shot him. He died at the hospital. Police are still searching for the suspects.
Original: 10:02 pm, 6/24/14, Tuesday
CHAMPAIGN -- Neighbors hid when they heard gunfire erupt across the street. A 26-year old man is dead after being shot several times. It happened Tuesday evening, on Hedge Road. Police say four people were chasing the victim when they shot him. WCIA-3's Gary Brode has more from the scene.

Authorities believe 2 18-year olds, a 30-year old and one other man are involved in the shooting. The men, at first, fled the scene on foot, through yards. Now that the violence has come to a neighbor's home, she's afraid for her children.

"Everybody just hit the floor and went to the back of the house and called 911."

Willa Bigers has lived on this street for more than a year. Until now, she hasn't seen anything like this.

"It kind of surprised me. When we bought this house, everyone said all of this was finished out here. Evidently, it's not."

The gunshots came from the other side of the street.

"It's really terrible. These children out here, these young people. They're not children. They are young people. Down there where it happened, there's always a lot of confusion, a lot of commotion."

She now fears the neighborhood she lives in for her children's sake.

"It's hindering my children. Now they have to stay close to the house or in the house. It's summertime. Kids are out of school. They don't want to be in the house, but to save their life, they'll be in the house."

Police are searching for a new, black four-door car and silver SUV. The victim died at the hospital.

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