Ordinance addresses cars in yards

By Maggie Hockenberry

Published 07/17 2014 01:20PM

Updated 07/17 2014 01:32PM

PAXTON -- Often, one man's junk is another man's treasure, but it may not be the case here. City leaders made a slight change to its vehicle ordinance. No vehicle is allowed in your yard if it won't start. WCIA-3's Maggie Hockenberry finds out if it's stay or tow time.

When driving through town, you may notice something unusual; a yard with an older car or maybe even two or three in it. But, where do you draw the line on what's allowed on the lawn and what's not?

After speaking with neighbors, it's obvious this is a divided issue. Some people don't even notice it and others are bothered by it.

City officials say an antique car is anything older than 25 years. And, it's okay to have them on your property as long as they run. But, not everyone enjoys seeing them showcased like they're in a museum.

"It starts to look like large-scale littering, you know. You end up with these cars and you walk by. Your thought process is generally, like, 'Come on guys, you could put that away.'"

Rachel Boylan says she doesn't mind if people have a plan for the cars, but don't just let them sit and rust.

"If you can tell somebody is half-working on it, half not, and those ones, it's not as big of a deal because you can see where they're going with it and you can see it's a work in progress which is totally different from the people who have a rusted out thing or five or six of them or ten of them in their backyards."

The city hopes the change will clean up the town, although some people are indifferent. Lana Sample says people should care for the sake of the town and their neighbors.

"I don't know if it bothers me that much. Like, I know, on our block, we don't have any vehicles that are sitting in yards that aren't running. I think you need to be aware of others around you and be respectful of how your yard looks and what you have for others to see."

Police are currently giving out warnings. In the next few weeks, they will start issuing fines.

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