Organizers need more marathon volunteers

Published 04/22 2013 04:34PM

Updated 04/22 2013 06:07PM

CHAMPAIGN -- With just days to go before the Illinois Marathon, organizers are in dire need of more volunteers. Right now they're about a hundred short. But that number could go up if the weather doesn't hold up.

Volunteer coordinator Mary Anderson said they always expect some people to dip out before race day. That's why they try to have a reserve group of people to fill those gaps.

But if we get a stormy day, that number could go up even more. So they're asking for help now. Organizers said they have many volunteers who come back year after year and enjoy it each time.

"They make a day out of it," said Anderson. "This is an event for them too, just like the runners. If you're not running Saturday morning, this is really something for you to look into. I think you're going to have a great time."

This is the fifth year we've had the race here and it's the fifth year organizers have had to send out a call for help the week of the race. But they said the community pulls through each time. The locations needing extra help are near Maynard Lake, the Champaign Country Club and Centennial High School.

If you want to sign up to help, click on this link.

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