Organizers officially heighten security

Published 04/17 2013 09:13PM

Updated 04/22 2013 03:54PM

CHAMPAIGN -- If you're running in the Illinois Marathon, you might notice some changes. Organizers met Wednesday morning to make some official decisions about security.

Usually friends and family go down to the field to take pictures of runners. This year, that won't be allowed. It's supposed to be a rule anyway, but this year they're strictly enforcing it.

Organizers' biggest concern for security was the bag drop-off. This year, runners will have to use Illinois Marathon bags for their personal belongings. They'll be held until the end of the race. Only runners will be allowed near them.

Organizers wondered if the bombing would make people drop out, they've actually seen a spike in numbers in the past couple of days.

"It's entirely possible that it's yes, we're going to. We were on the fence, now we're going to do it in honor of the victims. Just to say no, you're not going to change the way I want to live my life," Rick Atterbery said.

Registration has bumped up so much they had to add more slots. Organizers say those are filling rapidly. More police and emergency responders will also be at the marathon this year.

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