Our Town Corvette business is all in the family

By Anna Carrera

Published 06/25 2014 09:23PM

Updated 06/26 2014 10:42AM

EFFINGHAM -- For one family, loving Corvettes is practically in their blood. And now it's turned into the family business. We met them as part of a special Our Town Corvette Show report. 

Mike Yager calls himself the chief cheerleader at Mid America Motorworks. That means he's the head of the company -- one he has a lot of passion for.

"I was on Route 44 in St. Louis," said Mike, "and I saw my first Corvette and fell in love from there."

Mike bought his first Corvette at age 20. Since then, he's collected quite a few more. 

"I started this business when I was 23," said Mike. "I borrowed $500 and I've been blessed with a good business, great company, great employees." 

Some of those great employees are family members, like Mike's son, Michael.

"I think I just naturally loved it," said Michael. "I love the sound, just the whole gamut of being in the Corvette industry is kind of what's hooked me."

And Michael hooked his fiancee, Betsy, into it too.

"My dad loves cars, so I grew up loving cars from a child," said Betsy Bevelacque. "For me, it just came naturally." 

They're all excited to see even more Corvettes at this weekend's Bloomington Gold show. Mike says he's glad the show has come closer to where they are, but he thinks it should be in Effingham. There is a big car show there. It's called the Corvette Funfest. 

"We throw kind of a Corvette party," said Betsy. "We have a huge concert on Saturday night. It's just the camaraderie, being able to see people face to face."

Those people are usually customers, since the company makes and ships parts and accessories worldwide. All those pieces come together to add to the experience of driving one of America's favorite cars.

"When you think of Corvette, you think of American performance, passion, freedom, speed, all the cool things about Corvettes," said Mike. "That's what brings everyone to Bloomington Gold in Champaign."

If you want to meet all of them, they'll have a set-up at Bloomington Gold this weekend. The Corvette Funfest will be in Effingham during the third weekend of September. 

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