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Our Town gas station serious about service

WATSEKA, Ill. (WCIA) -- An Our Town gas station is proud to offer something most others don't; old time service.

Despite all the self-service stations, customers say this is the best spot to fill up. They provide full-service the way it used to be; wash windows, check tire pressure and pump gas.

All you have to do is pull up and a bell sounds. There aren't many places offering grade A service like it, but this one does. It's as simple as the ring of a bell.

Once it sounds, someone comes up to your window and gives you full service at Pence Oil.

"We've always thrived to take care of customers and take care of people."

Terry Pence is the son of the original owners. He says 52-years ago, his parents opened the station.

"The original station was built in 1917 by Standard Oil Company."

He's never had a reason to stop the tradition.

"We continue to have a good clientele. The local people really take care of us. Some of the older people, back in the day, remember when everything was full-service."

Customers say they choose Pence because of the convenience and quality service.

"They're very friendly when you come here and you usually get extra service like window cleaning and they'll check your tires and stuff."

Pence says, even through the invention of self-service stations, it's still an Our Town favorite.

"The local people really take care of us."

Filling up your tank doesn't get much easier. Pence is open until 10 pm, except Sundays. There's also a mechanic on site for those with car troubles. The pumps are self-serve when the business is closed.

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