Our Town provides full service!

Published 06/10 2013 06:17PM

Updated 06/11 2013 10:51AM

PAXTON -- It's something that's always on our to-do list, but a pain to get done; filling up the gas tank. But, it's something people in Our Town Paxton don't have to worry about. WCIA-3's Megan Brilley tells us their secret.

You can find Marathon Gas stations that look like this anywhere, but when you drive by this one on South Market Street, take a closer look.

"We pump gas, we wash windshields."

G & S is one of the only full-service stations in Illinois. Gene and Shirley Eppelheimer have owned it for the past 16 years. It's been here since 1968.

"You don't see this anymore. There's not a town I know within miles, 50 - 60 miles that does this."

Pull up, park and they'll do the rest. Pump, wipe and puff up a tire or two. But, there's something else that's kept customers coming back nearly five decades.

"They're very friendly and very thorough."

It's behind every smile and a "how's-your-day" conversation.

"It shows they care. People enjoy it, the one-on-one."

"It makes their day easier. It gives them someone to talk to. Some have been out on the tractor for the past five hours by themselves. They come in here, maybe stop for lunch. It gives them a break."

"It keeps the pride going. It keeps the pride of Paxton going."

Not only is Paxton's gas station full service, so are the pharmacy and grocery store. Employees will walk your items out to you and sometimes even hand-deliver it to your home.

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