Our Town teens raise awareness for hunger

Published 06/24 2013 05:15PM

Updated 06/25 2013 11:03AM

PETERSBURG -- A group of teens did something unusual to raise awareness and money for worldwide hunger. Ten teens from Central Presbyterian Church held a 30 hour famine in early June. It meant no solid food for the entire weekend. Members of the church sponsored each teen, pledging donations to help feed the hungry.

As part of the event, the teens stood by the side of the road holding up cardboard signs encouraging people to "Honk For Hunger." Church members also pledged anything from a nickel to a quarter for each honk.

That hour-long event earned the group nearly $4,000. Through the entire weekend, the teens raised a total of $6,142.79 to support charity. A lot of money considering a dollar will feed a child for one day.

"It will give us a point of view of what others go through. Adults can go through hunger. Kids littler than us can go through it. And kids our age are too, so I think it's going to give use a new perspective of the world."

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