Our Town's IGA, true "green grocer"

Published 08/22 2012 06:14PM

Updated 08/22 2012 06:47PM

MAHOMET -- The IGA grocery store is a staple in town, but it's also helping make the area a better place to live. WCIA-3's Jessica Shaw explains why.

The minute you step inside, the staff is ready to help.

"A cart doesn't leave our store, for instance, without one of our employees carrying it out."

"We always have samples in the deli. Customer service is really important here."

But, what really sets the IGA apart is in the back.

"We worked with people from the university, looked at green technology and actually put in the first water-cooled compressors in the industry."

Technology that helps the store heat and cool itself.

"We're taking heat from in back of the cases, and in the summertime, expelling it from the store. And, we're not cooling and heating at the same time. The heat gets ducted back into the system in the wintertime."

Owner, Brooks Marsh, made the changes when he first took over.

"What made you decide you wanted to make this supermarket a green one?"

"Well, when we started, we wanted to do it right."

Heating and cooling used to be one of his biggest expenses. Now, in one year, IGA's system will have saved enough money to heat and cool 95 homes for a year.

"It's really a long-term winner because that's how everybody begins to think."

Thinking that keeps it friendly for the environment and the shoppers stopping in. IGA isn't just Eco-friendly. Last year, it was awarded "Best Independent Store" by the IGA chain.

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