Outstanding Obama bill

Published 10/24 2012 05:07PM

Updated 10/24 2012 06:11PM

SPRINGFIELD -- The city is back to "square one" in a battle with the Obama campaign. An announcement in 2008 left the city with a hefty bill, and no one's paying up.

Outside the old State Capitol is where President Obama announced his running mate during the last presidential election. Obama introduced Joe Biden as his VP candidate.

The city racked up nearly $70,000 in expenses because of it. Most of the cost came from extra police officers needed that day, but the problem is no one will own up to the bill.

The Obama campaign paid some of it and says the Secret Service owes the rest. But, they say they won't pay because he wasn't actually President yet.

The city says it's struggling enough with other budget shortfalls, so it needs the money back one way or another. City leaders say they've tried every possible avenue to get reimbursed, but they're not giving up.

Another interesting point is that Illinois is not a battleground state since Obama has a heavy lead here. But the whole problem leaves people wondering if this happened in Ohio or Colorado, would the campaign be a little quicker to resolve the issue.

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