Painting Changes in Jacksonville

Published 06/13 2011 04:42PM

Updated 06/13 2011 05:55PM

With the stroke of a brush, Toni Freesen is changing our town Jacksonville.

The full time artist donates her time and services to non-profit organizations.

"After pursuing a masters at UIS in Public Administration, I found a way to incorporate my artwork and still benefit the community," said Freesen.

Toni has become well-known among the locals. She is often spotted downtown painting her latest creation.

"I have a lot of reference photos, but they still can't capture some of the significant patterns in the buildings. There are so many details and colors," she said.

While some of Toni's paintings include the landscape of downtown Jacksonville, they also have a hidden message.

"She'll scratch like this says memories in it and it'll say relax or be happy or things like that that are fun to try and find," said Cheryl Kelly who owns some of her work.

"She's a happy person, you can tell just by the way she bounces around all of the time," said Bobbie Scott of Jacksonville.

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