"Pants on the ground" won't work on the bus

By Alex Davis | adavis@wcia.com

Published 12/12 2013 10:49AM

Updated 12/12 2013 10:55AM

SPRINGFIELD -- Whether you call it "swag" or "sag," Springfield Mass Transit District (SMTD) wants nothing to do with it. The agency has a new sign posted on all of its buses and the rule has people talking. WCIA-3's Alex Davis finds out why it has some people's boxers in a bunch.

You've heard of "no shoes, no shirt, no service," but SMTD is taking that policy to a new level.

"Who wants to look at somebody bending over and they got their butt hanging out all the time?"

Certainly not Mass Transit workers. It's one of the reasons SMTD is posting fliers in their bus windows warning customers they won't get a lift if their pants aren't at their waistline.

"I still think it's b.s. though. It's like, it's freedom. This is supposed to be a free country. Why can't we sag on the bus?"

Riders like Elias Judson aren't in line with the code. He says SMTD is stomping on his freedom.

"I think it's b.s. because I think they did that because of me. Because I was sagging on the bus one time and dude told me to stop sagging, and like, ugh, I was refusing, and I thought it was b.s. I thought he was being racist and stuff."

But, he's not alone. Several people thing the dress code is bogus.

"Especially in America, since we all got freedom and rights, you know, as people, you know, women, men, you know, everybody should be able to have freedom."

A bus driver for SMTD says the fliers may be new, but the rule isn't. It's all meant to make the ride safe.

"The rule on the bus that you shouldn't sag is good because, maybe, like if your pants are down, you could trip somebody if you fall or something."

It's in place to make the commute comfortable for everyone.

"It's kind of a good thing because, you have women and children out here and these guys walk around with their pants hanging off their butt. It's just inappropriate being out here like that."

Numerous calls to SMTD were not returned. A list of rules cannot be found on its website.

Other transit systems in the area include Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District. It has a clear list of rules of conduct on its website. One urges riders to wear "proper attire." If a rider isn't wearing shoes or a shirt, they can't ride.

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