Parents outraged by posts on Facebook account

By Erica Quednau |

Published 01/29 2014 06:01PM

Updated 01/30 2014 12:37PM

Update: 10:12 pm
GEORGETOWN -- Parents feel helpless. They're hitting brick walls trying to end cyber-bullying in their small town. A Facebook page, called Georgetown Thots, was created this week. Pictures of young girls are being posted with sexually-explicit messages. WCIA-3's Megan Brilley talks with parents.

Pictures on the site are from students, some as young as sixth-grade. It's become the talk of the town, and it's something parents are doing everything in their power to stop.

"My friends on Facebook sent me messages letting me know my daughter's pictures were on there."

But, Teri Galyen wasn't prepared for what she'd see. The page's creator claims their 11-year old daughter, Sydney, and dozens of others performed oral sex on him.

"I was upset that someone would bash my daughter like that."

"Some of the things that they've said have placed them, in my eyes, as a pedophile."

Parents all over town caught wind of it and posted on the town's neighborhood watch page. Within an hour, nearly 200 people shared the post.

"These are small children. They're 11, 12, 13, a couple of high school girls."

"I'm afraid that some of these girls might take this to heart. I hope it doesn't come to that."

Galyen reached out to the school, even showed up, hoping to speak with the principal.

"The school is claiming it's not affecting the child's academics. How can a child go to school after that and be focused on what's going on in class?"

"We've got one girl that doesn't want to go to school anymore. She wants her dad to move. That's not right."

Parents reported the page to Facebook, but the site has declined to remove the page. Galyen knows she can't protect her pre-teen from everything, but is going to do whatever she can to stop whoever is behind the keyboard.

"These children do not deserve it. It's completely wrong."

Police say they do have leads and believe juveniles are behind this. They're working on a court order to get the IP addresses and find the creator of the page. Some of the photos have since been removed.
Original: 6:01 pm
GEORGETOWN -- Parents are upset about a new Facebook page. They say it's cyber-bullying. The page was created just two days ago.

It showed pictures of girls with really crude, nasty, derogatory comments. That's what prompted parents to contact Facebook. They asked the website to take the page down.

Since then, some comments and pictures have been removed, but parents don't think it was Facebook which did it. They think the creator of the page got scared and did it himself.

Wednesday, little was left of the page. When it first started, it had about a dozen girls on it, ranging from 10 - 16 years of age. Parents believe the creator was taking their pictures from social media sites and putting them on his own.

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