People on edge after rash of fires

Published 11/29 2012 09:01PM

Updated 11/30 2012 10:57AM

GREENUP -- With 11 fires in the past four months, authorities suspect arson. The most recent was Wednesday about 3:00 am. 

The good news is no one's been hurt. That's because all the fires are happening at empty or vacant houses. But, people are worried that could change.

"We're afraid that maybe the next one won't be abandoned," said Robin Carr. 

Flames erupted next to her home just Wednesday.

"My husband had texted me and said he saw the lights flashing outside, and my neighbor to the north said that there was an ambulance here," said Carr.

It's a sight that's quickly becoming a norm around town.

"It seems like they're happening more frequently, so it's getting pretty scary for all of us," said Carr.

Just like a few weeks ago next to Ray Starwalt's home. 

"About two in the morning I hear a little popping noise. I got outside, and low and behold, there's electrical wires popping around the yard," said Starwalt. 

He called 911.

"It engulfed in flames quite quickly, but the fire department got here real quick," said Starwalt.

Officials from the fire and police departments, as well as the State Fire Marshal's office are investigating the fires as arson. They all happened late at night with no witnesses.    

"It's a scary thought," said Starwalt.
"We love our little town of Greenup and we just want this to stop," said Carr. 

A similar situation happened in 2010. There were more than 20 fires then. No one was ever caught for those and the fire chief says they could all be related.

If you have any information about these fires, call the authorities at (217) 923 - 5505. You could get a $10,000 reward if it leads to a conviction.

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