People welcome new mayor

Published 05/06 2013 10:10PM

Updated 05/07 2013 10:05AM

GEORGETOWN -- The new elected mayor is making history. Kay Sanders is the first woman ever to hold that job. She was sworn in at Monday night's city council meeting after an uphill campaign.

Sanders was a write-in candidate and won against an incumbent mayor. She says her original plan was to support someone else on the ballot but when he dropped out, she decided to step up, especially since it's a seat she knows so well.

"It sounded better in '85 for my husband," said Sanders.

Her husband, Joe Sanders, was mayor more than 30-years ago. 

"He won overwhelmingly. Of course, he was on the ballot, he was a little smarter than me," said Sanders.

He died in 2005. Now his wife is following in his political footsteps. She was an alderwoman for two years and has big plans as mayor.

"Clean up the city and bring in as much new businesses as possible and get everybody involved in our little town like it used to be," said Sanders.

Those ideas helped her win.

"Everybody worked for me and it's very, very appreciated," said Sanders.

People like Wilma Wilming.

"Kay and I ran together. We had a whole slate, we all ran together and we all won. I'm just glad to see Kay in that seat and me in my seat," said Wilming.

"Wonderful to have that many friends and I hope I don't disappoint them," said Sanders.

Especially since her new title didn't come without some controversy.

"It's not going to be an easy transaction, which you just saw. You know what, I'm a big girl," said Sanders.

She replaces Dennis Lucas who held the seat for four years.

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