Pets pampered at Our Town inn

Published 07/22 2013 05:43PM

Updated 04/10 2014 03:44PM

TILTON -- In Our Town, people's pets are treated like royalty. The Paw-A-Day Inn K-9 Suites is a place to board your dogs. But, as WCIA-3's Erica Quednau explains, it's so much more.

"I wanted, when they walk in the door, that their dog's going on vacation."

Because, why should your dogs have to suffer when you're on your way to some place tropical? So, when you walk into Paw-A-Day Inn K-9 Suites, they get the A-list treatment right from the start.

"When they come here, first off, they're going to go into one of their suites. They're all indoor-outdoor."

Suites come standard, deluxe or luxury.

"Our luxury suites have televisions with DVD players. They're set up like little bedrooms, plus the clients can bring whatever they want with their dogs, like toys. We have some people that bring suitcases for their dogs when they come in."

And, they're themed. Your pet can stay in the Hawaiian Suite, the Jamaican Suite or the Illini Room.

"So, we wanted people to know when they're on vacation, their dogs are on a vacation also."

What's a vacation without some pampering?

"They could do grooming while they're here, training while they're here, so all kinds of fun stuff for them."

Then, it's time for some socializing.

"They're going to have plenty of play time out in the play yard. It's an awesome feeling, especially when people come back and they say they don't worry when their dogs are here."

So, we got a bath, we got our hair done, we even got some play time in. I think that now's the time to relax with Sugar and Gracie here in the Jamaican Suites.

You'll find Paw-A-Day Inn K-9 Suites in the same building as a travel agency, so when you sign up for your next vacation, you can sign up your pet for one at the same time.

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