Photos and testimony portray gruesome scene, Part 2

Published 05/09 2013 05:28PM

Updated 05/09 2013 06:23PM

PEORIA COUNTY -- New details are coming out of the mass murder trial of Christopher Harris. He's accused of killing five members of a Beason family, including three children. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels has more from Peoria.

For the first time, we're learning intimate details about how each family member died. The crime scene investigator who was on scene that day spent most of the day on the stand walking jurors through the home in photos and pointing out each piece of evidence.

A couple of the more interesting findings have to do with blood. It covered nearly everything in the home except for Dillen Constant's legs. The defense argues the 14-year old is the one who killed the family, but during opening arguments, the state said blood spatter experts will testify the killer's legs would have been covered in blood, since other spatter throughout the home is low on the walls.

The state also pointed out numerous finger and shoe prints throughout the home, all belonging to the same person. No word whose they are just yet.

The state also made special mention several times of a webcam inside the master bedroom. It was unplugged, but facing the room where three bodies were found, raising questions it could have something to do with the stolen laptop police found in Harris' truck.

The defense will get a chance to argue its side in a few weeks when Harris is set to give his side of the story. Four people took the stand Thursday for the prosecution, including a paramedic who found the only survivor, 3-year old Tabitha Gee.

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