Plastic bag ban

Published 07/02 2012 06:25PM

Updated 07/03 2012 08:56AM

CHAMPAIGN -- Paper or plastic? Mayor Don Gerard thinks the city should have the right to choose.

City leaders talked about plastic bags before because they've been a problem outside stores, leaving a mess for people to deal with. That's why Tuesday, he'll hand-deliver a letter to the Governor. He's asking Governor Quinn to veto Senate Bill 3442. It would take away a community's ability to ban or charge for plastic bags.

"It's more big government and it takes away our right to choose and we're going to end up paying for it anyways. It's a program run by the state. I don't think we need the state making any decisions for us, I think Champaign can make our own decisions just fine," Mayor Don Gerard said.

He'll be joined by 12-year-old Abby Goldberg. She's bringing a petition to veto the bill with more than 150,000 signatures.

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