Players pack a punch against hunger

By Anthony Antoine |

Published 10/08 2013 01:01PM

Updated 10/08 2013 01:17PM

CHARLESTON -- With no game on Saturday's schedule, EIU football players battled a different opponent. More than 100 student athletes were inside Lantz Arena, not for a game or practice, but to help starving kids in Haiti. WCIA-3's Anthony Antoine shows us how they're helping children thousands of miles away.

Inside Lantz Arena, players and coaches leave it all on the floor, working hard to win each game. But, now they weren't playing any games in their fight against hunger.

"We should feel blessed with the opportunity to have three meals a day. Everyone doesn't have that opportunity."

In 2010, an earthquake struck the island of Haiti. Three years later, children are still living without anything to eat.

"With everything that we have for ourselves, we need to give back to people. This is a perfect way to do it."

EIU's athletic department teamed up with the Global Hunger Expedition.

"There's always been plenty of hunger programs, but Global Hunger personally distributes the food when we go into Haiti."

"It's pretty much an assembly line going on right now, from one person to the next. Almost like a team. You really can't apply one thing to the next without someone helping you."

"Giving back to the community is important to them. It's important to us and it's important that we teach those life lessons."

This 14-ounce bag will feed 18 starving kids. It's filled with soy and pinto beans. In just one hour, the Panthers were able to pack 6,000 meals.

"We are just very happy to be able to partner with Global Hunger and do what little bit we can to make things a little better in the world."

The Global Hunger Expedition will spend ten days in Haiti. It also makes trips to Jamaica and the Congo as well.

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