Police, city & school Taking Action to improve student safety

Published 09/16 2013 04:24PM

Updated 09/16 2013 05:53PM

Update: 4:28 pm, 9/16/13, Monday
CHAMPAIGN -- City leaders are making changes to keep kids safe going to and from school. This comes after a grade school student was hit by a car while crossing Prospect Avenue last week.

Not only police are involved, but the school district and city departments are Taking Action. Officers are the ones you're most likely to see out there on the roads, though.

Two new signs are posted along Prospect Avenue reminding drivers to slow down and be aware of kids. Police also put out a speed trailer on John Street in front of Southside Elementary. Some parents wondered why the trailer isn't on Prospect where there's more traffic, but officers say, it's because that's not a "school zone."

They say these are just the first steps towards fixing a bigger problem. You might also see extra officers near the schools helping direct traffic when students are present.

A lot of parents are taking this issue into their own hands. They are walking their students home from school.

City leaders plan to look at this from a long-term perspective as well. The city council will talk about more ideas at a study session next month. It will include traffic patterns, the possibility of adding more signs and other ways to improve safety.
Original: 10:03 pm, 9/13/13, Friday
CHAMPAIGN -- City leaders are moving to make the walk to school safer for Southside students after a girl was hit by a car crossing Prospect Avenue. Police are also looking at long-term solutions.

In the meantime, extra patrols have been added to the area and a speed trailer will remind drivers to slow down. Authorities also plan to put up a sign warning drivers kids are in the area. Parents say heavy traffic makes it tough for students walking to the school.

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