Police confirm attempted bank robbery was a prank

Published 12/30 2013 10:29PM

Updated 12/30 2013 10:36PM

"As we pulled the video we started to notice that this wasn't your run of the mill bank robbery." says Urbana Police Investigator Bryant Seraphin.

The teen accused in a bank robbery in Urbana says it was supposed to be a prank but police aren't laughing.
A 14-year-old girl walked into heartland bank friday demanding money, but now she says it was all a joke.

According to Seraphin two things were off about the robbery attempt. Those were the age of the girl and the way she demanded money.

The Urbana girl presented a note to the teller demanding money or she would detonate a bomb. What's odd is she presented the note just long enough for the teller to read it but then walked out of the bank.

She turned herself in the next day and the statement she gave was consistent with the robbery being a prank.

Seraphin says the workers at the bank handled the situation appropriately which kept it from getting worse.

"When it's actually occuring, it's a serious matter. No body knows exactly what's going on." says seraphin

She was arrested for a felony form of disorderly conduct.

The 14 year-old is now at the juvenile detention center.
At this point the girl will not go to court.

Seraphin says the investigation department will recommend the girl spend time at the Youth Assessment Center.
Community service will also be an option as punishment.

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