Police confirm search involves missing boy

Update: 10:18 pm
DECATUR -- Investigators have been digging for answers all week in a cold case involving a missing child. Now the next step is the start asking questions.

Decatur police confirmed the information we first brought to you Wednesday. Detectives and FBI agents were searching for evidence related T.J. Davison. He disappeared 28 years ago when he was 4-years-old.

The dig site is at 2103 North Charles Street. Davison's aunt used to live there. She was the last one to see him alive.

Police aren't commenting on anything they have or haven't found. But they did say the digging in the yard is done. The investigation however is far from over.

"Closure, that's what I'm praying for is just closure," said Debra Lucas, Davison's mother.

After days of digging and sifting, she hopes her prayers will finally be answered and the case of her missing son closed.

"As far as I know this is the furthest they've ever gotten," she said regarding the investigation.

"We're out here based on simply a new review of an investigation. We've had a change in some personnel and staff," said Lt. Jason Walker, Decatur Police Department. "We've seen some things that we thought that available resources that weren't available. We think new technology can assist us in this investigation."

Police won't say what exactly led to them to search the spot where Davison's aunt used to live. But, Lucas wonders why it took them almost three decades to check.

"Of course you would want to do an investigation everywhere, but especially do intensive investigation with the person that lost him," she said.

28 years ago, Davison's aunt left him in her car as she ran into a Decatur grocery store. He was gone she got back. Lucas says she doesn't talk to that side of the family anymore, but police say they plan on interviewing them now that the search is done.

"It's really mixed emotions. You have hope for 28 years but yet you want it to end, you want to know the truth and not knowing is the hardest part," said Lucas.

Police continue to ask the public for help in this investigation. Anyone with information can call Decatur Area Crime Stoppers at 423-TIPS(8477).

Original: 3:06 pm

DECATUR -- Police confirm the activity on an empty lot on Charles Street involves searching for clues relating to the 28-year old cold case of missing 4-year old T. J. Davison. Activity was halted Thursday because the previous day's rain prevented officials from digging.

T. J. Davison was reported missing October 10, 1985, after his aunt told police she left him sleeping in the car while she ran into a grocery store. The lot where officials have been digging all week is property where the aunt's home used to be. It burned down in a fire several years ago.

Authorities say they plan to re-question the aunt in relation to the case. Investigators say a new team is in charge of the case and a complete review of the investigation led led them to search for clues on the property. Officials say they hope whatever results are achieved in the course of the investigation will lead them to a resolution.

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